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My Ideas

Been having some thoughts:

What would life be like if I could change the world simply by thinking and wanting it to?

Here are some things I would have happen:

All laws banning nudity will hereby be erased now and forever. All Nudity is to be considered pure, beautiful, and natural and not harmful in any way in and of itself and legal and protected by the law, it is now a constitutional right by the people along side free-speech.

All sexual activities can be done anywhere and everywhere as long as it is not physically harming anyone without their consent and everything related is now beautiful, natural, and not harmful in any way in and of itself and legal and protected by the law, everywhere and anywhere..

The legal concept of ‘age of consent’ will be dismantled and all laws relating to such a concept are hereby and forever abolished and banned. All sex offenders cases are to be re-opened and re-evaluated and if they are found not guilty by the new changes in the laws then all charges relating to such a verdict will be dropped, if they are currently serving for such crimes related to such a verdict then they are to be immediately released for such crimes they have been found NOT GUILTY for, and finally their sex offender registration and record are hereby, permanently, and forever erased completely.

No one gets special treatment and no one can be discriminated against simply because of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color of skin, religion, body hair, or anything unless it is relevant and not loosely relevant but really relevant. Such as corporations cannot LEGALLY NOT hire someone simply because they have long hair or/and a beard regardless of their sex. All speech and communication used in a place of business must be professional, for example: males and females will be referred to as such or as ‘ladies and gentlemen’ or ‘men and women’. Anything along the lines of referring to adult females as ‘girls’ or adult males as ‘boys’, even when referring to each other, will be considered unprofessional and DEROGATORY: subject to the measures followed for violating business and legal hate, slander, and discriminatory laws.

No one gets special treatment and no one can be discriminated against simply because of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color of skin, religion, body hair, or anything unless it is relevant and not loosely relevant but really relevant IN THE MILITARY. All can serve regardless of sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or anything in ANY MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY AND ANY “MILITARY JOB”. Any separation and special treatment of any kind WILL be considered FAVORITISM AND DISCRIMINATION AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. ALL will have the SAME barracks REGARDLESS OF SEX, ALL will SHOWER IN THE SAME ROOM REGARDLESS OF SEX AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION, ALL will have the SAME HAIRCUT AS DIRECTED BY THE GUIDELINES OF THE MILITARY UNIFORM DRESS CODE, and ALL WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE SAME REQUIREMENTS FOR EVERYTHING REGARDLESS OF SEX OR ANY OTHER FACTORS!~


Disband and destroy all mental health institutions because they are a plague upon this world. 

All forms of “pets” as a concept and all other forms of slavery will be banned. All “pets” will be allowed to remain where they are if they already have a home, but all breeding of any kind for purposes of captivity will be illegal. “Pounds” new policy will be to release all animals far away from civilization into the wild, if they have not been found a home for AND haven’t been domesticated for too long. Living on the streets does not count as ‘domestication’.~

Political ‘jargon’ will be outlawed, politicians will not be allowed talk about anything not relating to the political topic at hand in any context including anything they endorse such as commercials, ‘filibusters’ or ‘talking a long time’ will be outlawed, every official including all members of the Senate will be subject to elections and re-elections every 4 years just like the President and may not serve more the 2 terms of 4 years each, Any cases of political corruption and illegal activities connected to a politician will be handled by a new division of the government called the “Political Internal Affairs” and NO mention of such activities will be allowed to be released to the general public until the investigation is complete AND evidence HAS been found and PROVEN VALID.~

All marijuana and all forms of and strands of it are now considered here and forever permanently legal. As there is no evidence of permanent long-term damage of any kind by it: it is to be considered harmless, natural, and healthy for you and is to not only to be encouraged, but welcomed and recommended to those suffering from depression, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

All forms of credit and loans and things of that nature are here and forever illegal, and all debts related to such credit and loans are here by now and forever erased.

All college expenses are hereby cut in half. In other words a 50,000 dollar expense for the student is now a 25,000 dollar expense. This will make going to school for extremely scholarly subjects still not easy, but more manageable like it should have been in the first place.

All substances proven to pollute the environment are hereby and forever banned and illegal. This includes gasoline and oil, even if the form they are used in only pollutes a little. 

Additional government funds will be funded to research, development, processing, creating, and using of all forms of non-polluting forms of transportation and energy sources. This will take effect exactly 1 week from the announcement of this law. All who wish to can now trade in their vehicles for non-polluting vehicles free of charge, depending on the how much money and time went into the creating of such a vehicle. An electric train car will now be constructed and run in every city with electricity.

All forms of public buses will now run on non-polluting energy sources and to conserve energy will be fitted with solar-panels. In addition, special forms of buses will now be created that include features enabling the additional empowerment of the bus effectively called ‘Pedal-Buses’ by providing ‘pedals’ in-front of each seat that can be used to additionally power the bus. All who contribute to the powering of the bus will be able to ride ‘free of charge’. These ‘pedals’ will come in many forms according to the abilities of the passenger such as feet-pedals, arm-pedals, and even a mouth-pedal. In addition, those who choose to pedal more than one pedal at a time (effectively doubling or even tripling their energy-output and contribution) will be able to grant any additional passenger of their choosing to ride free of charge (this will be meant to encourage fellowship and friendliness).